Workwear or Protective Clothing products have advanced significantly in the past quarter of a century. Workwear these days often needs to be manufactured to certified standards, ensuring the appropriate level of protection, visibility and durability to withstand the harshest conditions.

ASADA has the appropriate processes, quality standards and required infrastructure meet our customers’ strictest Workwear specifications. Additionally, our clients have direct access to our Design & Innovation Centre ensuring their designs, fabric and component needs can be finalised onsite at ASADA premises (if required) to reduce work and logistics times.

With our investment in our people, processes, partners and technology, we aim to provide an end-to-end experience, enabling our clients to maximize their return on time, quality and cost related investments.

Our direct partnership with world-leading Workwear fabric manufacturers from across the globe reduces lead time in completion of your projects.

See below for just some of the Workwear collection that ASADA manufactures.


With a deep family heritage in clothing manufacture – we work dynamically with labels to provide a true end-to-end service in design & engagement. With the highest levels of quality standards and productivity, We stand behind the apparel we manufacture, as you stand behind your label.

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