Clothing for the Millennium

Our core strength is our ability to provide clients with a true end-to-end experience in the production of their apparel. Our network, access to the latest designs and technologies as well as our buying power provides clients the peace of mind needed when dealing with complex, tight timeline-related apparel manufacture.
Choose an end-to-end, concept-to-delivery engagement or a direct manufacture of your set designs.

Our flexibility, know-how and value for money services delivers the finish and quality of products that our clients want from us.


Our Products

ASADA manufactures products that range from Casual / Citywear and Denim to Workwear clothing that provides protection for the wearer in the harshest conditions. ASADA also has modern-day expertise to manufacture Intelligent Clothing, adapting the latest in technological advances to be part of any label’s everyday range. See below for more information.

Casual & Citywear

We help you dress the world with the manufacture of your Casual & Citywear collections using the best materials and quality processes – leading to products that make your label shine!

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ASADA has been manufacturing denim apparel since 1999, still working closely with many of the same clients.
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ASADA’s Workwear products are manufactured to certified standards, ensuring, the appropriate level of protection, visibility and durability to withstand the harshest conditions.
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Intelligent Clothing

With the digital revolution, also comes the revolution in Intelligent Fashion clothing with so many and expansive applications.
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Our Expertise

Our biggest strength and what gives you peace of mind is our expertise and commitment to quality. ASADA works with the world’s leading fabric and accessory producers to create the best products for our customers. Our sourcing capability is backed up by our Design & Innovation Centre, where customers have direct access to our collections, and to design and prototyping facilities – making the entire production process intuitive and expedient.

Sourcing & Development

Immediate access to and supply
of world’s leading quality fabrics
and accessories.

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A true end-to-end
experience in the production
of apparel.

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Treatment & Washing

Technologically up to date processes guarantee the best look and feel of the garments we produce.

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Quality Assurance

Quality comes first and is part of everything we do.
It’s that simple!

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A cornerstone of our success is our

Design and Innovation Centre

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    About ASADA

    With a deep family heritage in clothing manufacture – we work dynamically with labels to provide a true end-to-end service in design & engagement. With the highest levels of quality standards and productivity, We stand behind the apparel we manufacture, as you stand behind your label.

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