Intelligent Clothing

Intelligent Clothing has arrived! Combined with our commitment to quality, ASADA ensures every piece of Intelligent Clothing manufactured meets stringent specific and scientific applications. With the digital technological revolution, also comes the revolution in clothing with expansive applications. Below are just of the more common Intelligent Clothing applications already here or coming our way.

Healing or Moisturising Garments

Helping the wearer to enjoy health benefits as they wear their clothing.  The fabrics used in these garments are specially enriched with substances like vitamins, algae or nutrients, helping keep the wearer healthy and additionally assisting in blood circulation, as well as delaying the aging process.

Self-Cleaning Clothing

Where the fabrics used in these garments invisible layers of titanium dioxide nano-particles, helping to clean clothes under the sunlight whilst under sunlight.

Temperature Sensitive Garments

Temperature Sensitive Garments use fabrics which act according to the wearer’s body temperature. As the body warms, paraffins within the fabric become more liquid, allowing the heat to dissipate. Additionally, when the body gets too cold, the paraffins become more solid, helping retain the heat created naturally by the wearer.

Digitally Linked Garments

Digitally linked garments are typically a vest or jacket – which can track heart rates, ECG and body temperatures. Some intelligent fabric manufacturers have now smart fabrics that could warn its wearer of allergens, by glowing in response or even call an emergency number if the problem is life threatening.

Whilst this is yet to become mainstream, ASADA and its partners are monitoring and working with such fabric manufacturers to help progress such innovation!

See below for just some of the Intelligent Clothing that ASADA manufactures.


With a deep family heritage in clothing manufacture – we work dynamically with labels to provide a true end-to-end service in design & engagement. With the highest levels of quality standards and productivity, We stand behind the apparel we manufacture, as you stand behind your label.

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