We don’t compromise on quality. It’s that simple

ASADA’s quality practices ensure we go the extra mile – delivering the look, feel and effect your label demands

ASADA is proud to have a reputation built on the quality of the garments we produce as well as how we openly interact with our clients. Simply put, our objective is to have clients that are delighted with their engagement with ASADA. This gives our people even greater encouragement to proudly stand behind every we garment produce.

ASADA’s QA processes ensure that everything we produce is as per our client expectations.

Every employee, from the CEO down subscribes to a Plan-Do-Check-Act mentality, ensuring quality is maximised and mistakes minimized.

For every engagement, extensive QA checks are carried out at pre-production  and pre-cutting stages, as well as at production process and final inspection. As most of the pre-production, in-production & final inspection parameters are interlinked, the more problems identified at the earlier stages of “pre” and “in” production, the more efficient overall production is, ensuring wrong or defective garments are never packed.

During final inspection, QA checks are also done at/for:

  • Packing and assortment,
  • Fabric defects
  • Workmanship defects
  • General Defects, including deviations from customer specifications

During our final inspections, sampling techniques are adopted to accept or reject a lot. ASADA’s methodology of a scientifically designed random sampling & inspection plan ensures both the buyer and ASADA benefit from these streamlined processes.

In addition to the QA activity undertaken by ASADA, we also assure Ecological Parameters of the fabrics we use and supply. OEKO-TEX is a global standard to which ASADA conforms and reports to its clients. The following are the main ecological parameters reported on by ASADA:

  • pH range
  • Formaldehyde levels
  • Extractable heavy metals
  • Chlorinated phenols ( PCP, TeCP)
  • Forbidden Amines of MAK III A1& A2 categories
  • Pesticides
  • Chlorinated Organic carriers
  • Biocide finishes
  • Flame retardant finishes
  • Colour fastness to Water
  • Colour fastness to acid & alkali perspiration
  • Colour fastness to wet & dry rubbing
  • Colour fastness to saliva
  • Emission of volatile chemicals


With a deep family heritage in clothing manufacture – we work dynamically with labels to provide a true end-to-end service in design & engagement. With the highest levels of quality standards and productivity, We stand behind the apparel we manufacture, as you stand behind your label.

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