Company Background
We Deliver Premium Fashion
ASADA was founded originally as Bluline, a clothing manufacturing company with a particular focus on denim. Over the years we have expanded into Casual & Citywear; and Workwear and more recently through our partnerships with leading fabric design companies – into the manufacture of Intelligent Fashion Clothing.

In 2017, ASADA set up its Design & Innovation Centre – enabling buyers to collaborate with our own Project Managers and Designers to accelerate the entire Prototype / Design through to the final buy process. Our current and future partners, buyers and designers now have unrestricted access to our facilities – where new designs, fabrics, accessories and processes are all on show.

This “new-world” engagement process has allowed our clients to reduce the number of weeks involved in the “time to purchase”, “time to manufacture” and “time to retail” process – further supporting our clients’ increased need for access to high quality, fast fashion.

More information on ASADA’s Design & Innovation Centre can be found here.


Our mission is to simply deliver Premium Fashion.

ASADA works according to your needs – whether it involves making use of the breadth of services via our Design & Innovation Centre or simply the production of garments based upon a set design with stipulated fabrics and accessories.

In all cases, our clients work directly with a nominated ASADA Project Manager – who provides access to the appropriate experts, technologies, designs, component pricing to create an easier order to manufacture to retail experience.

Our mission is also underpinned by our Company Values of:​

  • Accountability
  • Respect for the Team
  • Curiosity
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility


For more information on our company values and conduct, see our Code of Ethics.

Production Capacity

With our recent and responsible expansion, ASADA is now capable of producing close to 1 million garments per annum (starting in March/April 2018).

Our team of Project Managers work closely with our clients, produce an agreed Project Plan with the appropriate specifications to meet our clients’ every need.

Our specialisation covers all types of clothing and apparel. We are especially renowned in the manufacture of Casual & City Wear, Denim, Workwear and Intelligent Fashion Clothing.


ASADA understands that we are a better company when we partner with the world’s best companies & suppliers. We work with leading fabric and accessory suppliers as well as specialist Treatment and Washing companies in order to deliver our clients with the latest in technologies and materials.

We offer a great mix of fabrics and styles, founded on technological and environmental innovations and all of today’s fashion trends.

Importantly, the Treatment and Washing techniques employed by ASADA are modern, environmentally responsible and achieve the desired aesthetic results. ASADA understands that this expertise is continually evolving, especially in terms of environmental and governmental rules and regulations, and as such we work with leading, local partners to ensure we’re at the forefront of this change.

Environment & Sustainability

All garments are ethically made in either ASADA’s own manufacturing complex or in partner facilities. ​Where feasible, solar energy is used to power machines and infrastructure, cutting the carbon footprint for every garment manufactured by ASADA.

Importantly, as we source all our raw materials from the world’s best and reputable partners, the protection of our environment is assured.

Whilst taking advantage of the economic benefits of producing mainly in Tunisia, we ensure that all subcontracting activity is undertaken with trusted, reliable local partners. By doing so we provide trade opportunities to the local community in Monastir and ethically support their people and economy.

To further reinforce our sustainability commitment, ASADA has a zero-waste policy, meaning all leftover scrap fabric and materials is either donated to a local school or is turned into something new. Zero waste means a better world for all of us as well as a maximum usage of raw materials in the production of our goods.

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With a deep family heritage in clothing manufacture – we work dynamically with labels to provide a true end-to-end service in design & engagement. With the highest levels of quality standards and productivity, We stand behind the apparel we manufacture, as you stand behind your label.

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