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A talented young designer in Paris sought to launch a new brand of men’s and women’s urban / casual wear – selling his collection online. The collection included T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and jackets.

The customer needed the support of Asada to complete his collection in a fully engaged, supportive end-to-end manner, including the sourcing of material, pattern and collection making in a tight timeline.

Additional Information / Constraints
Tight timelines needed to be met to ensure collection readiness for professional photo shoot prior to online store / website launch
Small volumes and styles were produced for the launch, with an “in-principle” agreement of projected volumes
Model of production engagement with Asada was based on an agreed manufacture to order – based on minimal production volumes per month.
All delivery logistics were to be managed by Asada.


Soon after the initial contact, Asada’s Project Manager became the Single Point of Contact for this client.

The Client flew directly fro Paris into Monastir airport in Tunisia, where he was picked up by the Project Manager. They very quickly, on the same day, built the rapport needed to finalise aspects of the collection needed, including fabrics, prints, treatments, and associated timelines. This was documented in a draft Asada Project Plan template, ensuring all requirements were captured.

A brief timeline of activities undertaken is set out below.
Day 1
The Client presented his collection line / drawings and further explained what he wanted to create to the Project Manager and to the Asada Design and Innovation Centre Team. He also drew inspiration from the collection at the Centre, including accessories, fabrics and treatments/prints.
Day 2
The process was quite iterative, where different designs were costed to meet the expected target market segment / price. Decisions and compromises were made to ensure certain price and quality targets were achievable.
At the end of the morning session, the Client had a clear idea on costs for the collection development, manufacture and logistics. With this, the Project Plan was adjusted and finalised.
The team then proceeded to carry out the appropriate tests on fabrics for such things as shrinkage, laboratory dipping for chosen colors, etc.
Day 3
Patterns were finalised. Sewing of first prototypes were completed prior to washing, treatment and finishing.
Day 4
The first prototypes were available for review. A further session was held with Asada’s pattern maker for measurement checks, trials on live models and final adjustments – where necessary.
Day 5
Final samples were completed after the requested changes.
Day 6
The collection is ready, the Client is happy! The Client also chose to work with Asada’s own photography partner for the photo-shoot.
Day 7
The Project Manager and Client are both happy. The collection is ready, the photo-shoot is completed in the afternoon and production of the first batch is scheduled.
Mission accomplished, satisfied Client.

Due to the close cooperation between the Client, Asada Project Manager and the Asada Design and Innovation Centre Team – all activities, including risks were visible to the Client. Communications were mostly face to face, clear and efficient.
Asada’s Design and Innovation set up and expertise reduced the development time from 3-4 weeks down to 1 week. This form of engagement also reduced the eventual cost to design.

For further information on this Case Study and how Asada can support you via our unique engagement model, contact us on

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